Mitered Hand Warmers -Kaleidoscope # 37

Mitered Hand Warmers

Kaleidoscope, Mitered Hand Warmer,
(2 needle)
Designed by Kristine Scheuer
for Elegant Yarns Inc
1 skein Elegant Yarns Kaleidoscope color 37
Straight needles US size 6
Stitch markers (2)
2 US size 6 double point needles (dpn) for 3 ndl BO
Tapestry needle
Gauge: 22sts = 4” in garter stitch on US size 6 ndl
Directions: Right hand
CO 22 sts, place marker (pm), CO 18 sts, pm, CO 22 sts.
**Knit 1 row.
1. (RS) *K to 2 sts before the marker (m), SSK, Sl m, K2tog, repeat from * knit to end.
2. (WS) Knit
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 2 sts remain between markers. K to 2 sts before m, SSK, remove m, K1, pm, K1, remove m, K2tog, K to end. (28 sts)
Knit 1 row**
Place 14 sts on each dpn and with right sides together, work 3 ndl bind off.
With RS of mitered square facing up and CO edge toward you, PU 22 sts on long left edge of square, pm, CO 18 sts, pm, CO 22 sts.
Repeat from ** to**

Mitered Hand warmers, Kaleidoscope
#To create thumb opening, set up for 3 ndl bind off, starting at open end, 3 ndl BO 6 sts then switch to reg BO and BO 7 sts from front ndl and then continue around and BO 7 sts from back ndl. Fasten off leaving 8” tail.
Top Edging: PU 40 sts along non CO edge. Work K2 P2 rib for 5 rows. BO in pattern.
Cuff: PU 40 sts along CO edge. Work K2 P2 rib for 3” end with WS row.
RS: Knit 6 rows. Bind off loosely.
Left hand warmer:
NOTE: left hand warmer is made by making mitered square with thumb opening first, then picking up and making closed mitered square.
CO as for right hand warmer and work ** to **then continue at # to make thumb opening. PU sts as for right hand, make 2nd mitered square ending with 3 ndl BO on all sts. Complete top edging and cuff.
Finishing: Sew seam. Using tail at thumb opening, neaten thumb edge. Weave in remaining ends and block lightly.
2013 Cleverknitter Designs