Diagonal Knit Scarf

Diagonal Knit Scarf

Elegant yarns, Inc., Kaleidoscope, 100% wool 100g/174yds, 4 balls

Knitting needles size 8 (5.00mm).


Beginning Corner

Cast on 3 sts.

Row1: K3

Row 2: sl1, yarn back, inc-k1, k to end.

Row3: Repeat row 2 for each row to desired width of scarf, about 9”. End with an odd number of stitches on the needle. (Note: the last row of stitches has 63 sts on the needle, it is the long edge of the triangle, the other two edges are about 9”, one edge will become the end of the scarf where you’ll add fringe later, the other edge will continue on as the side edge of the scarf.

First Corner

Row1: sl1, yarn back, k to end.

Row2: sl1, yarn back, inc-k1, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to the desired length.            (the sample length is 56”.)

Next Corner

Row1: sl1, yarn back, k to end.

Row2: sl1, yarn back, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

Row3: Repeat row 2 until 4 sts remain on needle.

Bind off Corner

Row1: sl1, yarn back, k2tog, PSSO, k1, pass st over. Fasten off.

Finishing Fringe

Holding two 8” strands of yarn, slip the yarn thru each st along both ends of the scarf.                      Trim even to 3 ½”.

Special instructions:

inc-k1, insert the right needle knitwise (from left to right) into the right side of the loop in the stitch below the next stitch to be worked and knit that loop, then knit the stitch above that stitch just worked.

All sl1 stitches are slipped purl wise.



Pattern created for Elegant Yarns by Bonnie Quinn OneHappyCamper Designs onehappycamper@comcast.net

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