Beads Tassel Shawl – Angelic #3301

Beads Tassel Shawl

knitting pattern, shawl

Finished Size:

67 inches long and 16 inches wide


Elegant Yarns’ Angelic – Super soft machine washable fingering yarn,

(100%Merino, 368 yd/100 grams),

Colorway: #3301 snow white

3 balls for body of shawl and 1 ball for edging, tassel.

Hook Size:

B – 1(2.25 mm)


32 sts = 4 inches;

9 pattern rows = 4 inches


Stitch Guide:

Body of shawl: (See figure 1)

Row 1: Loosely ch 105, dc in 6th ch from hook (first 3 chs count as first dc, next 2 chs count as first sp), *[ch 1, sk I st, dc in next st] 4 times, ch 3 , dc in the same st, [ch 1, sk 1 st, dc in next st ] 4 times , sk next 3 sts, dc in next st*, repeat 4 times from the sign * to *(102 sts)

Row 2: Ch3, two dc in the first st , * dc 8 times in the next each 8 sts , sk 3 sts, dc in the next st, then dc 8 times the next each 8 sts, ch 3, dc in the same st*, repeat 4 times from the sign * to *(102 sts)

Repeat the pattern of Row1 and Row2 until to 67 inches long. At end of last row, fasten off.

Edging of shawl: (See figure 2)

Start from the sides of shawl, each side has 29 patterns.

Tassel of shawl: (5 inches long, 11 tassels, 11 beads)

Cut a piece of cardboard 5.5” wide, wrap yarn 30 lps around cardboard. Cut a short length of yarn and tie tightly around one end of wrapped yarn. Cut yarn lps at other end. Cut another piece of yarn and wrap tightly around lps a short distance below top knot to form tassel neck. Knot securely, thread ends onto tapestry needle, and pull to center of tassel, then put bead through needle, trim them on the point corner of the two ends.

knitting pattern, shawlknitting pattern, shawl